Rohey's news

Dear friends
It's been a long time and we don't hear from each other. So we thought we could write some things that are happening in The Gambia like the:
Corona virus


The situation in The Gambia
About corona virus we have 9 cases, one died and 8 left, but we hope that there will be not more than 8 cases and no more dead in our country. We are only two million people and there are not many hospitals and the equipments are not enough. So if many people are sick many of them will die. We don't have enough testing equipments.

Our situation as Gambians
The government asks us to stay at home so that we could be safe. They ask us to wash our hands, avoid touching our eyes, nose and mouth. So that we can prevent ourselves from corona virus.

The situation in our school
We were supposed to have our examinations end of March and because of this we couldn't have our exams. I feel sorry for the grade nines because they are supposed to do their Gabace. Gabace means the examination at the end of upper basic to go to high school. Hopefully they can have it in July.

We miss our library and our teachers.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Rohey Mbenga