Zu Ostern 2022 Wünsche von Alfred Harnischfeger

I have some wishes for you all


I wish for you to discover your passion
Because when you do, you will be unstoppable
You won't even be able to stop yourself
Procrastination will fade away
And action will take over

I wish for you to know the reason why
You do the things you do and who it's for
What example you must set
What blessings you must give to others

I wish for you to understand that nothing great in life comes easy
So that includes you creating your own greatest life
You reaching your own greatest potential must require some work
And so it will be worth it
If it's worth a prize
It is worth a fight

I wish for you to become rich, not rich in money terms although
That will come too.
I mean rich in spirit
Rich in joy
Rich in presence
Rich in love
Rich in great relationships
Rich in surrounding yourself with amazing people who are in alignment with you
I wish for you to go deeper

To continue growing, continue evolving
To take everything to the next level
To find peace
To live in kindness and compassion
To be the next example
To be the shining example of what a great life really looks like

By Khalifa