Power of Freedom

Ein sehr eindrücklicher Beitrag auf der 30-Jahr-Feier war der Vortrag in Form eines Rapp-Textes von Fatou A. Jammeh, Grade eight.

Da es schwer war den ganzen Text zu verstehen hat Marina ihn nochmal von Fatou bekommen und beim "Weiterlesen" kann ihn jeder finden. Nur auf Englisch, eine Übersetzung paßt nicht dazu.

Fatou hat die Anregung zu diesem Text aus dem Internet, aber wir können die Quelle nicht ausfindig machen.
Deshalb bitten wir um Entschuldigung, falls wir die geistigen Urheberrechte einer anderen Person verschweigen.

Power of Freedom

Following the memory lane to history
The freedom of this country is victory.
People saying that this is the country whose children
Suffered in pains
Their hands and legs bound in chains
That enslaved them.
She fought her way through the dark area of colonialism.
She was working on farms and hoping
For better days
During those hard and trying times
When she was ruled by the dictator.
A man who took her over,
Terrorized her children and left them in pieces
From which they are still trying to recover.

people saying that Gambia is a peaceful place
With an amazing culture
A nation so nice
With a beautiful structure
That is home of a great legacy
From which raised the red,white,blue, white,green flag.
A nation known for its peace, love and unity
Inhabited by people blessed with beautiful smiles
Of humanity.

I am not denying any of that.
But, see, Gambia, Gambia is not everything people say it is.
Do you know that in The Gambia corruption resides in the heart of leaders?
A place where politicians plaster smiles on their fake faces
Utter sweet words
And fake people into believing that they are nation builders while they are after two faced cheating.

the majority of young people in The Gambia
Are currently unemployed
Even though they have results, masters degrees and
All required papers.
Which is why a lot embark on the risky journey
Of illegal migration.
A journey which cost the lives of many
As they drown in that green,
Crossing oceans.

But see,
instead of finding solutions to these problems
Everybody is busy
Pointing fingers.
The young are blaming the government for not
Creating employment opportunities
For not giving them a chance to prove their capabilities.
And the government? The government is blaming
The young for not being diligent.

in Gambia a boy drops all of a sudden out of school because he can no longer cope
With a system that he considers too tough.
He hangs around drinking attaya
And when he is tired of this
He turns to the streets
And earns himself a degree
In robbery and drug abuse.

in this country
Everybody dreams to live in luxury
But instead we all end in poverty.
Do you know why?
I will tell you why:
It is because we Gambian people do not
Oppose each other with new ideas or inventions.
In this country people compete with jujus and witchcraft and bad intentions.
So don't be surprised
That there is no development in our nation.

we are blessed with beautiful black skin
But there is hatred and jealousy floating underneath it.
Just for power people commit the darkest sins.

in this country a man can
Rape an innocent girl
Take her pride in the silence of the night
And get away with it
Because we are so blind in our culture.
We don't even support our own.
A promoter who is willing to pay
Hundreds of thousands to a foreign artist
Is never willing to do the same for his own.
Some of the Gambian artists are busy
Hating and beating each other
Which is all totally wrong.
But some are good and hard working
And proven to be strong.
So why can't we appreciate them?

I will tell you:
There is no new Gambia
There is just a new government
Which is trying to rule over all the corrupt system
A system of which we are all victims.
In this so called new Gambia
Everybody writes and says what he or she wants and
Calls it democracy.
Well, I don't know if it is just me
Or everybody else turning