Alfred Harnischfeger gratulierte im Namen des Berliner Fördervereins.

Alfred Harnischfeger, unser zweiter Vorsitzender, brachte in seiner Rede vor der Schulgemeinde der Sukuta-Wannsee-Schule unseren Respekt und unsere Anerkennung für die Entwicklung der Schule zum Ausdruck. Er erinnerte an die Gründungsmitglieder Marina Jarra und Inga Breusing, die 1989 selbstlos die Initiative ergriffen und einen Raum mieteten, damit ein paar Vorschulkinder Englisch lernen konnten und sie so eine Chance erhielten, in der Grundschule erfolgreich mit zu kommen. Er dankte der Schulleiter Sambou Kanteh und dem Kollegium für deren Engagement, die Schule zu dem zu machen, was sie heute ist: Eine der besten Mittelstufenschule Gambias. Schließlich erinnerte er daran, dass gute Bildung das beste Fundament sei für eine gute Teilhabe am Fortschritt Gambias. Im Folgenden drucken wir seine Rede im Wortlaut ab. 

30 Years partnership with Sukuta-Wannsee-School in Gambia

Dear Headmaster, Mr.Sambou,
Dear Mr President of the association Sukuta-Wannsee, The Gambia, Mr. Alpha,
Dear Colleagues,
Dear Parents, students and guest!

It’s a great honor for me to give you our congratulation for thirty years Sukuta-Wannsee-School.
I’m happy to be here and our large delegation from Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt is an expression
of our appreciation of this wonderful project Sukuta-Wannsee-School in Gambia.Thirty years ago, Marina Jarra and Inga Breusing spent their holiday nearby Sukuta. They met two unemployed teachers and talked about school and about children who don’t have any chance to participate on the benefits of society if they can’t speak English. At that moment the idea of founding a nursery school for kids who do not speak a word in English was born.

Thank you, Marina, Inga, Monika, Marion, Dagmar and all the people who helped to develop this school. Some of them are with us today and we all are proud and happy to celebrate with you this 30-year anniversary. But why do I talk to you while Marina is here with us. She is, and that’s true, the most important person of our Förderverein. Without her engagement, her enthusiasm and her strong headedness we would not be able celebrate this party. And of course, Marina is here and I ask you to say a few words and let us take part in what you feel and what you think at that moment.

The story of this school is incomparable / matchless. It is the result of many hands and persons who have formed this project for many years. In 1989 we started with 25 children, two teachers and a budget of 320 DM, that’s 8.000. Dalasis. For everything.

Today we nearly have 650 Students and a budget of more than 3 million Dalasis. What a brilliant development. What a mission
-       To keep the school running
-       To keep the school in good condition
-       To arrange the teachers training
-       To supply the material for learning
-       To arrange the excursions
-       To take care for the well-being of the students and the teachers.

For all this support I want to say thank you to the board The Gambia, to the headmaster Mr. Sambou, to all the teachers and other employees, to the parents and to the students.
We are of great confidence that what we do together is the right way to support our children.
Good education is the basis for healthy social life. It’s the way to protect the peace we have and make people happy and satisfied.

As long as are content with what we do, we are on a successful way.
Thank you all. Enjoy this party and god save you.

 Alfred Harnischfeger