Besuch aus Gambia

GruppeBrandenburger Tor 600Im September hatten wir Besuch aus unserer Sukuta-Wannsee-School.
Zwei Schülerinnen und zwei Schüler aus der Oberschule sowie der Rektor, die Sekretärin und der Vorschulleiter kamen auf Einladung zweier Bürgermeister aus Hessen für 14 Tage nach Deutschland. Die Bürgermeister sind durch unsere Partnerschulen in Kelsterbach und Raunheim mit unserem Förderverein eng verbunden. Die Gäste besuchten unsere Partnerschulen in Hessen und Berlin.
Wir sind froh, dass dieser Besuch ein voller Erfolg war, obwohl es im Vorfeld auch Bedenken gab.
Im Abschlussgespräch fragten wir die Schüler, was für sie das Schönste am Besuch war:
Die einhellige Antwort war, dass die Menschen in Deutschland ihnen so freundlich entgegengetreten sind, und sie so viele Freunde gefunden hätten (Konsum stand nicht zu Debatte).
Alle freuten sich aber auch wieder auf Zuhause.




Hier sind einige unkorrigierte Äußerungen der Besucher und Besucherinnen zu ihrem Aufenthalt.

This visit was a very sad day for us, we went to visit the park in Berlin were we saw our fellow Gambians. Some of them frustrated, they had no jobs, no homes and they do sleep in the streets. They had to sell illegal things to sustain themselves. We had the opportunity to talk to some of them. They don’t want to go back to the Gambia because of the family pressure, others were enjoying their stay in Germany because they had descent job and usually send money to their families in The Gambia. We left the park with different feelings.
The other place we visited was the Senegambia restaurant in Germany. It was a nice place, we had the Senegambia taste, there were different kinds of food and we had the different flavours. It was really like the foods we have in The Gambia.
We really enjoyed our food because we missed our Gambian food but this restaurant solved our problem. The owner of the restaurant was a kind man he gave us drinks and water for free because he was also a Gambian like us. These were some of the interesting and educative places we visited. It will always be in our memory. The students we met where friendly, places we visited and their hospitality was wonderful. We thank the two mayors for making our visit successful. We saw a different country from the Gambia. I was really amazing. We thank the board members, students and their parents. Thank you once again.
By Fatou .M. Bojang

Our trip to Germany was a very interesting one ,I enjoyed every bit of it ,I also learned a lot .There is a big difference between my country The Gambia and Germany .I thank the two mayors ,mayor of kelsterbach and mayor of Raunhiem and our host Alfred, Petra and Marina. This made us know the other part of the world. We visited different schools like Anne Frank School, Conrad School, Nord School and Kelstrbach School. We attend some lessons and I saw that their learning and teaching situation is different from ours. We went to have launch at Carola’ house, We had a party at Christian’s house and we also had a dinner in malice’s house. These people are so humble and hospitable. The trip was a very big opportunity given to us. We also thank the board members for their hospitality and generosity. Here are some important points about the places we visited in Germany.
We were escorted by Alfred, the mayor of kelsterbach and some students. Our arrival to the museum was very interesting, we were told that the museum was a national museum; we bought tickets and went round to see what was there. We saw different animals like cheetah, lions, zebras, and many more We also saw skeleton of animals. There was one big skeleton which was said to be the skeleton of a dinosaur .We also saw different snakes, snakes with multi Colours and there was a big snake that swallowed a big pig and was lying down. We also saw a skeleton of a human, skeleton of a chimpanzee and some skulls. We were told that human being is originated from the monkey which they said was told by John Dolton (Darwin ist gemeint) a scientist. We were also told about volcanoes, why it happens, what are the causes and the damage it makes to places. They said many lives, homes and properties are always lost during the strike of a volcano, from there we all come down stairs to go back to the hotel .A big thank you for the trip .It was really an experience.
Muhammed Kalifa Cham

Kopf RoheyOur trip to Germany was a very nice and interesting one. It was educative. We saw a lot difference between The Ganmbia and Gertmany. We were surprised to see how thw teaching and learning situation is.
We visited the farm in Kelsterbach. It is a big farm and they grow different vegetable. They grow vegetable like potatoes, carrots, cabbage and onions. The people responsible for the farm are a man and his son. The man is the owner oft he farm and the son is helping him. The farm is the biggest farm around the area. Customers will come and buy vegetables from the farm and some are also sold in the supermarket.
By Rohey Mdenga

Kopf GenilsonTHE CINEMA
We went to the cinema at 6:30pm it was a long way, we reached there at 7:30 and the film started at 7:45pm.
The title of the film was: BLINDED BY THE LIGHT it was about a small boy and his father, the boys’ dream was to be a writer but his dad did not want this. His father wanted him to work in a company where he will earn more money for him and the family and this is the reason why the father started to disliked him . One day the son came with a good news from the school and thought that his dad was going o support him, the news was for him to go to NEW YORK for a competition. The dad refused to support him or let him go. The boy said he will go by all means even if he did not support him. His dad told him to leave the compound because he didn’t want to take his advice. So the boy agreed and left the compound because he wanted to realize his dream, and the story goes on but I can say that the film was very interesting and educative. We really enjoyed it and the most impressive thing was that after watching the film we were asked to say what we learned from it and all of us said our opinion. Thanks to the people that made this possible.
By Genilson Suwareh

Kopf Fatou Sek 2It was a great opportunity for me as it was the first time I went out of Gambia apart from Senegal.
Arriving in Frankfurt it was so interesting to see one of the biggest airports in Germany.
For me it was the first time to spend a night in a hotel.
One of the happiest moments was at Petra's school where I met her hard working secretary who showed me different ways of working.
In Frankfurt it was also interesting to see the big church.
It was also great to visit Conrad school where Sukuta-Wannsee started.
In Kelsterbach we met the very down to earth mayor who showed us a farm and many other interesting places in his home town.
There were so many more things. It was the greatest experience in my life!
Fatou Njie, die Schulsekretärin

Kopf BaboucarrMy trip to Germany was the biggest experience of my life.
The way they eat with two hands
The way teachers plan their lessons together
Entering a plane for the first time
Traveling in a train for five hours to Berlin
Seeing an apple tree live
Seeing the Berlin Wall
The forest
The place where books were burnt in central Berlin
Eating different foods which were new to me
The museum in Frankfurt
The most interesting thing was the visit of the Kindergarten and the way they handle the children there.
Baboucarr Dampha, Leiter der Nursery School